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Passion for classic American music including Jump Blues, Swing era jazz and 1940’s Rhythm & Blues is what The J Street Jumpers are all about. Founded in 1993 by saxophonist Charlie Hubel, J Street has spent most of the last 15 years honing their chops in clubs, halls and ballrooms in the mid-Atlantic. The band has wowed crowds at numerous appearances at the Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage, music festivals, and concerts. Their horn driven sound, combined with the powerful vocals of Juanita Williams has made this band a favorite with listeners and dancers alike. From jazz and blues festivals to inaugural balls, dances and private events, the band brings a consistently energetic and fun atmosphere to wherever they perform. 

They’ve garnered the respect of the Washington music community as well, evidenced by Washington Area Music Association (WAMA) Wammie Awards wins for six years in a row: Best Big Band – Swing Duo/Group, Best Big Band – Swing Recording and Best Jazz. 

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